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Heating systems always cleaned, easy installation and dirt removal

The impurities in your heating system often reduce its performance.

MAGNETICO eliminates the particles of various debris, sand, calcareous deposits, ferrous impurities, rust and welding scraps from the pipes of the distribution system. These impurities, when building up inside the main components of the heating system, such as radiators, thermostatic valves, heat exchangers of the boiler etc., can obstruct the flow causing noise, inefficiency and malfunctioning.

The dirt separator MAGNETICO under the boiler – IVR 909 – protects all the components of the system and keep their performance constant by separating the impurities thanks to the cyclonic technology: the heat transfer fluid spins at high speed in an inner chamber with the proper geometric structures.

MAGNETICO is equipped with a DOUBLE CHAMBER. Dirty water flows into the internal chamber, the cyclonic flow allows impurities to deposit on the external wall and to slide through special slits to the external chamber where the magnetic attraction pulls them to the lower section.

The two chambers are isolated avoiding any backflow of the dirt elements.

The drain valve should be periodically opened to remove the dirt collected. This operation can take place with the heating system in function.

MAGNETICO is delivered with a complete set of fitting with twin nuts ¾”, drain valve and hose holder.

Thanks to its compact dimensions it is easy and fats to install without wasting time.

The installation can be in-line or at 90° angle.


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