IVR, a Piero Giacomini Group company, has been operating for 50 years in the plumbing and heating market with product lines for heating, water, gas, industry, and motorised servocontrols and valves.

Its strengths are:

- product quality

- numerous certifications that meet the standards required by international markets

- dynamism and openness to innovation

These qualities make IVR one of the world's leading companies in this market.

IVR, which has always been considered a quality player in its sector, is part of the PIERO GIACOMINI group, which is made up of many different and synergic entities:

- EFFECTO GROUP combines the expertise of Tecnomors, Grip and Applied Robotics and the newly established Munich branch active in industrial automation and robotics;

- KRIOKLIMA a Swiss company offering cooling and heat management systems;

- SEAS innovative Swiss company for the production of water from air, energy saving and hydrogen;

- BOLOSSOM IC a company that deals with home automation and hydraulic balancing of systems with remote management.

All these realities, so interpenetrating and synergetic, have developed an extraordinary technological background over time: from robotics to precision mechanics, from automotive to home automation and process electronics, from water production and treatment to energy saving solutions and complex cooling and air conditioning systems. Combining the knowledge of all these companies, which boast 5 Research and Development sites (2 in Switzerland, 2 in Italy, 1 in Germany and 1 in the USA), 3 production sites in Italy, 1 in the USA and 3 in Switzerland, makes IVR even more competitive and projected into the future.

These realities are joined by the group's companies dedicated to hospitality and luxury:


- TANCA THE BRANDS COMPANY luxury products constantly sought after and identified with Champagne in the portfolio, prestigious Swiss-made watches, refined crocodile belts, innovative sunglasses and much more.