Smart Home automation control system for both radiator systems and radiant panels. A single solution for heating regulation through automatic, dynamic and hydraulic balancing based on smart algorithms. Simple remote management app

The patented IVR Blossom-ic system, in addition to manual or wireless management of your heating/cooling system, guarantees perfect dynamic hydraulic balancing. It is the ideal solution for both new and existing systems. It can be utilised within independent or centralised systems in the residential sector, as well as the tertiary sector. It does not require any installation work in the central heating system or on the radiator valves or pre-assembled manifolds. For radiator or fan coil systems, the installation of smart electronic thermostatic heads is quick and easy: they can simply be installed on existing thermostatic valves of all brands or replace the mechanical thermostatic heads already installed on your radiators or fan coils. For radiant systems, simply install the actuator on the pre-assembled manifold or replace the electric heads on the existing systems to immediately ensure correct balancing and uniform levels of comfort throughout the home. In combination with the smart software, our Gateway automatically carries out hydraulic balancing based on a self-learning process during the heating/cooling system operating phases. The system reacts dynamically to new temperature inputs and always guarantees a constant and uniform heat distribution, thereby optimising energy savings.

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